Ever since URAG started its towage operation in 1890, its fleet has been constantly advanced and modernised. 

The versatility of our fleet is guaranteed by the utilisation of Voith Schneider propulsions. The possibilities of application are endless with our tug-fleet.

In addition to this overview of our current tugs we have also compiled a ship-history. Featuring interesting pictures about the history of URAG. Have a look.


Name Typ BP Specs
Bremen Fighter AHT 104 PDF
Hunte Rotor Tug 90 PDF
VB Geeste Rotor Tug 90 PDF
Weser VWT/AHT 75 PDF
VB Bremen VWT 60 PDF
Wilhelmshaven VWT 51 PDF
Bremerhaven VWT 50 PDF
Rönnebeck VWT 34 PDF
VB Rechtenfleth VWT 33 PDF
Blumenthal VWT 32 PDF
Blexen VWT 30 PDF
Brake VWT 25,5 PDF
Berne VWT 30,5 PDF
Brake ASD 71 PDF
Perfect ASD 71 PDF
VB Prompt ASD 71 PDF
Rasant ASD 71 PDF